100 Finalists Have Been Chosen for a One Way Trip to Mars

Yes, you read that correctly. One way. No return. The remainder of your life on Mars. Out of more than 200,000 applicants , 24 will be trained for the mission and 4 will make the trip. The following 100 people will have the opportunity to earn a one-way trip to Mars, thanks to Mars One.

After taking a look at the list, I have noticed a few interesting things about this daring group of people.

The vast majority of them are from the United States. 33 to be exact. Australia is in second with 7 and there is a three-way tie between Russia, South Africa, and the U.K. for third place with 5 candidates each.

Number of Mars One Candidates by their Country of Residence

Number of Mars One Candidates by their Country of Residence

*Edit: It appears that there is one person missing from Mars One’s official list. I have reached out to them on Twitter in an attempt to get the info for the missing candidate. I will update this article when I receive the information.

Below is an interactive map of all of the candidates with some auto-updating graphs for you to explore. The map and charts can be filtered by the menus at the top and each candidate’s official Mars One profile can be accessed by clicking on their name in the list.

Interactive Map of the Mars One Candidates:



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