Hurricane Patricia’s Dramatic Wind Speed Explosion

Hurricane Patricia vs Katrina

Hurricane Patricia has already been dubbed the strongest storm ever measured. It is currently making landfall on the west coast of Mexico and my thoughts and prayers are with those who are in its path.

The storm has really come out of nowhere and has experienced unprecedented growth. Just 72 hours ago the storm had a maximum wind speed of 35 mph. Earlier today the storm’s maximum sustained winds reached 200 miles per hour. When seeing these dramatic numbers, I thought it would be interesting to put this data on a chart and compare it with another famous storm from this century – Katrina. As you see in the chart below, Patricia’s growth has truly been impressive. During one 39 hour period, the storm’s maximum sustained wind speed grew from 40 to 200 MPH, an average of 4.1 per hour.

Data source: National Hurricane Center

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