Interactive Map of All Earthquakes in the United States for 30 Days

Earthquakes in the United States are quite common in some areas and virtually non-existent in others. Most of them are relatively tame. However, occasionally some earthquakes occur that cause significant damage. Fortunately, the United States Geological Survey keeps records of every earthquake worldwide.

There are a surprising large number of earthquakes in the United States everyday, and if the past 30 days is any indicator, the state of California gets approximately 60% of them. Between December 23, 2014 and January 22, 2015, the state of California had a total of 3,057 earthquakes. In contrast, the remaining 47 states of the lower 48 combined for just 2,040 earthquakes.

California had More Earthquakes with Lower Magnitude Than Other States:

While California had by far the most earthquakes, the average magnitude of them ranked #23 out of the 26 states that had earthquakes.

Average Earthquake Magnitude by State

Average Earthquake Magnitude by State



Earthquakes Occur More Often on Tuesday and Wednesday:

Another interesting thing is that in the 26 states that experienced at least one earthquake, they seemed to favor two days of the week, in particular. Earthquakes occurred on Tuesday and Wednesday as much as 60% more often than on other days of the week.

Total Earthquakes per Day

Total Earthquakes per Day

Interactive Map of Earthquakes in the United States:


Data Source: United States Geological Survey.

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