Wage Inequality is Reversed for Part Time Workers

Gender pay gap and part time workers

Male-female income disparity refers to the difference in aggregate pay between men and women. It is also known as the “gender earnings gap”, along with similar terms. According to the United States Census, The median pay for women of all races was 78.3% of the median pay for men of all races in 2013. This number has been steadily rising since 1960 (the earliest data available), when the pay for women was just 60.7% of the median pay for men. These numbers are for all workers, it gets really interesting when looking at the details.

Among full-time workers, there is no surprise. The gap favors men and has been steadily closing over time. Things are quite different, however, when looking at the data for part-time workers. The gender earnings gap actually favors women part-time workers slightly. In 2013, male part-time workers of all races were actually paid 8.07% less than their female counterparts. This interactive chart has all of the details for gender pay inequality for both part-time and full-time workers.

The chart below has the actual earnings for each worker classification and gender since 1999. Choose the dropdown menu to switch between full-time and part-time gender pay.

Data source: United States Census Bureau.

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