What is the Best Day to Fly?

What is the Best Day to Fly

One of the most annoying things about flying is when your flight is delayed. Just a few minutes can set off a chain reaction that could ruin your whole trip, especially if your trip involves multiple flights to reach your destination.

When first looking at the data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, you probably want to avoid the airport on Thursday and Friday. Those days have more instances of flight delays than any other day of the week. Friday topped the list with nearly 34,000 flight delays in December 2014. Thursday was a close second with 28,845 flight delays. However, after taking in to account the actual number of flights on each day, Tuesday is the evil one with half of its flights experiencing a delay. This is interesting because Tuesday is also the day with the least number of total flights.

Percent of Flights that are Delayed one Minute or More by Day of Week:

Data Source: Bureau of Transportation Statistics.
Interactive chart was created using the amazing D3.js JavaScript Library.

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